Monday, December 1, 2008

96 hours on The Commons on Flickr

So, we went live on The Commons on Flickr at about 5pm on 27 November 2008, and it's been a very busy and very fun four days.

Stats (as of 3.40pm today) say we've had just under 20,000 views all up. There's been 64 comments, 248 favs, over 200 contacts made, and this is what our tag cloud currently looks like:

This panoramic photograph of Mitre Peak is far and away the most popular image we've uploaded:

Arthur River, Mitre Peak and Milford Sound, 1923-1928

It has 2844 views, 110 favourites, 10 tags and 18 comments (including my own) as of 5pm today. The panoramas have been really popular, but we've had a number of requests for higher-res versions to be made available - as people very validly point out, 700 x 152 is not a great viewing size for these images.

I'm working on getting bigger images up, and have rewritten the links in all the descriptions to point to the new zoomable versions on Timeframes. Also on my to-do list: dropping all the images that have good location descriptions onto the map, it's my bad, as I ran out of time to get them there before launch.

One of the nicest things to see is that the NZ Flickr community has been hard at working tagging, commenting, and sharing back. My two favourite bits of feedback so far are from Br3nda, who posted a contemporary image of Cuba Street to a photo of the 'Old Shebang' and G.I. Folk who mixed the set of WWI parade photos into this vid:

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Penny said...

Will be interesting to see if this generates new visitors to the Timeframes site. :-)